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Kaspersky detections

  • Kaspersky EndPoint

    KServer 9.2

    2008R2/XenApp 6.5 

    Had a user that tried to download a trojan 4 days ago.  " HEUR:Trojan-Downloader".   Caught, Quarantine & I emptied it, but still generating non-stop detection alerts about every 2 minutes.  Almost up to 2000!  How in the hell do I stop them?

    Check of the KAV console on the server shows nothing in Quarantine & no threats anymore.

    Any suggestions?


  • You have to get onto the local machine and remove it from unprocessed files, vulnerabilities, quarantine, and backup.

    It seems crazy but that's the only way we've been able to get them to stop reporting in the console, none of the console commands work and there doesn't seem t be a way for us to do it programmatically.

  • We are having this same issue as well. We have to remote into each machine and delete the "Unprocessed files"

    Is there still no way to just do this from the console?