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KAV, Windows 8.1, and Netextender VPN woes.

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I have a client that are using Surface Pro 3's (running Win8.1) for their remote workforce. These endpoints are trying to connect to their work VPN and access content as you should normall be able to do, but from what I can tell this combination of elements just doesn't want to work. I have found the issue to be with KAV's Network Application Blocker (NAB). 

When NAB is enabled I am not able to ping VPN resources OR connect to file shares. Once I untick that box, which disables it, and apply the changes, It appears to resolve the issue. PROBLEM SOLVED! Except it isn't. I looked inside of the profile on my VSA for a configuration change so that I can toggle this on or off, but it is not able to be remotely managed. Furthermore, I have tried to remove the ports that the "Network Options" is monitoring but that doesn't seem to effect it at all. I have tried to added application and folder exclusions to a few different places (all the program files for netextender, the VPN application for netextender in windows, and the whole folder for netextender). I am at a loss as to how I can proceed. My next steps are to create a profile with all their current profile settings and manually disable the NAB. Then Export the config, upload to a procedure and run an import config via a procedure across all machines. This appears to be the only way I can think of to disable this feature for my client.

I currently have an open ticket with Kaseya and I am awaiting a reply back after they asked me to collect some data from an affected machine. If anyone out there has any information that has helped them in the past with a similar situation any information would be greatly appreciated. :D

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  • There is a way to do automate this configuration with Kaseya/Kaspersky.  You have to leverage the configuration function within Kaspersky and write a custom procedure and apply it to respective endpoints.

    The only 'CON' is the profile will be OOC (Out of Compliance) but for your issue, I think that is ok.

  • Thanks for this info , I was using this idea when you posted it, but I ran into another issue with this combination of variables. While I was able to disable the Network Attack Blocker via this method, it seemed that whenever the PC/Endpoint rebooted the issue seemed to come back. The weird thing was, when I went into the settings for KAV, NAB was still disabled. I was unable to ping/access network resources as if it was enabled. So I enabled it, still the same issue. I then disabled it again and the issue went away... I don't understand why I have to enable/disable it every time I reboot the machine.

    I did find another workaround. The Netextender software has the ability to launch a batch file every time it is launched. What I have added to the batch file is two commands:

    1. import a profile where the NAB is enabled.

    2. import a profile where the NAB is disabled.

    This ensures that everytime the Netextender launches, the end users AV is updated without the need to have them interact with the AV.

    I am currently still working with Kaseya Support, who is also working with Kaspersky to solve this issue. I will update this issue if I find a non-wonky solution.