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When will KAV be upgraded to some newer version?

  • Kaspersky has already released version 16 and Kaseya has us still using Version 10. Any idea when we might be getting a more up to date scan engine and features?

  • Submit a Feature Request. ;)

  • I believe the current version of Kaspersky for Business is v10.  My understanding is that Kaspersky v16 is their personal/home line.  KAV uses the Kaspersky business edition engine.  I'm fairly certain we're one release back on the engine.  Kaseya VSA add-on modules are in the process of certification testing for support of Win10. All modules are planned to be in full Win10 compliance with the release of Kaseya VSA 9.2 in early to mid Q4’2015. More details on the exact dates will be available in the September issue of the Kaseya Customer Success Newsletter.  Although I do not have direct confirmation, it seems likely that the release of KAV with Win10 support would be at the now-current business edition of the engine.

  • That is great information. I thank you for your quick response....