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Hide Sample Profiles

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Anyone know if its possible to hide or delete the sample profiles in KAV?

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  • Hey  

    I do not believe there is a way to hide/delete the sample profiles from the User Interface.

    You can modify the SQL table that the profiles reside in, however this would not be recommended.

    The SQL table is kav.KasperskyProfile, using the following query would remove any profiles with 'sample' in them completely from the db/interface:

    delete from kav.kasperskyprofile
    where name like '%Sample%'

    Again, this is not recommended as KAV installs in most cases require a profile and could cause downstream issues when trying to push a install where a profile was not selected. (By default it would use the sample profile, if that does not exist it may cause installation issues)

    Also, running a reapply database schema on the Kaseya VSA would repopulate these profiles.



  • Thanks. You're right its better to not mess around with the SQL database.


    Not a problem, if I may ask - what is the reason for trying to hide the sample profiles?

    Perhaps we can find another way to alleviate the problem.



  • No matter how many times we tell our guys not to assign the sample profile it still gets used from time to time. Guess i can re-name my other profile so it comes first alphabetically

  • Same question, same issue as Elliot.  Still no way to remove/hide those sample profiles?

  • Hey Guys,

    I recommend doing the following for your issues if you are not comfortable with SQL modifications.

    Place an ! (exclamation point) to the profile of your preference - this will ensure it will be at the top of the list for all of your installations.