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I'm trying to find a managed antivirus solution to use on computers running OSX.

We currently use KAV for our windows endpoints and are happy with the service. However I need an antivirus solution for the dozen or so workstations running OSX. I found that OSX support was in the roadmap for January 2015 (http://www.slideshare.net/KaseyaCorp/kaseya-corporate-update-and-roadmap-q1-2014). However it's off the current one (http://community.kaseya.com/p/roadmap.aspx)

So basically does anyone know if there is a release date for OSX support? Or could anyone recommend another product that Kaseya is able to manage at the moment?



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  • Funny that it was in the January 2015 roadmap.  Apparently Labtech has a Mac and Linux A/V already.

  • Kaspersky/Labtech have had mac version since about 2009. As far as I can tell, it just hasn't been incorporated with Kaseya yet.

  • as anyone had an update on this ?

    I have logged a request with Kaseya to see their official status on this matter as it is incredible that nothing has been incorporated yet!

  • Is that true about labtech with linux/osx AV?  If so, that is extremely disappointing to hear.

  • Hi  

    Thank you very much for creating a request with the Kaseya Support team.

    I will reach out internally to see what  the plan is for AV support on MAC OS X.

  • Hi  

    Kaseya is actively working on providing support for MAC OS X antivirus.

    We anticipate a more specific announcement shortly on this.

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  • Hello,

    I've seen that KAV always not support for Mac OS.

    Do you have some news?

    Best regards.


  • AV support for Mac is important to us as well.

  • Mac support used to be in the roadmap, I believe, and now it isn't.  Since it doesn't seem to be a priority for Kaseya, we have resorted to purchasing Mac Kaspersky licenses on our own and using Casper Suite for Mac management.  

  • It's unfortunate Kaseya could not supply OSX Anti-virus solution to its clients.  

    After patiently waiting for this feature, we decided to go a different direction with Kaspersky directly for OSX Anti-virus capabilities.  They do have a solution and it delivers on a standard level based on our clients' expectations.

  • We have decided to use Sophos for our Mac AV solution.  It is disappointing that we have to manage AV from two separate management portals (Kaseya and Sophos).