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Reporting for AV

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I am looking for a way to run a report, that shows machines that are XX amount of days out of patching for AV.

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this?

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  • I have a procedure where I check for various AV program services that would be running if a particular AV client is installed.  Depending on what's running, I set some global variables for the product name and definition file location.  Then I run some PowerShell commands to get the date on the file and see if it's within 7 days.

    First I run Get-Item '#global:deffile#'|Foreach {$_.LastWriteTime} to get the time stamp on the definition file.  Then I run if (((get-date)-(ls '#global:deffile#').LastWriteTime).days -lt 7){echo "recent"} to check if the file is within 7 days.  If that second command returns "recent" (which I check via a Kaseya" If checkVar()), then the definition file is good; otherwise, it's old, and I take the appropriate actions (attempt to update/email a ticket/etc).