Hi All,

We have been running KAV for about 6 months now and we have had various issues with the Network Attack Blocker and System Watcher components causing software conflicts (with many tickets raised with Kaseya and got nowhere) so in the main i created some procedures to stop these running. Unfortunatley every so often these components will simple turn back on which that begins causing issues with the endpoint, VPN stops working, Sage wont run backups etc

As the NAB/SW components cannot be controlled in the Kaseya console, does anyone one know or a way to stop the component completey from working other than running a procedure every day or so to stop it? We would prefer to not have to run over a potential 10,000 addtional scripts to all the endpoints every day to simply stop this component as this is a load on the VSA we would like to avoid if possible.What we dont know is if when the profile being re-applied is causing the component to somehow re-enable them as this happens randomly so it makes it hard to test.

We are also unable to choose the components that are installed via the VSA (this is possible in KES) so this wasn't an option at the time of installing the endpoints.

Has anyone come across this issue and if so what action did you take to get around this?