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Current Issues with KAV?

  • We are considering moving from KES to KAV however i would like to know issues that people are facing with it (bugs, performance, licensing, etc.). We havent upgraded to R8 yet but plan to do that soon. 

    Can someone who uses KAV please let me know? Thanks!

  • Interesting piece I just ran across....


  • Currently, the issues I am seeing are as follows:

    - Profiles don't stay assigned to the agent and need to be manually reapplied on a sometimes daily basis.

    - Since my last update on Sunday I can't perform an install without part of the procedure failing due to the agent

    I have only been using the module full steam for a few months now, and neither of these issues arose in my testing.

  • That article is about three years old.  Kaspersky already has a solution in palce for Managed Services/Deployment; I am currently exploring other options for Managed Security products as well.

  • Matt S.- Profiles going out of compliance has been fixed. I had this issue for almost 2 years and last month it was finally resolved. I am on version 7.x.23 on my VSA. Profiles are tied to Audits so it's important you have audits scheduled to run often, perhaps every two or three days depending on the number of endpoints in your care.

    Elliot - I remember when there was a big scream by the community to offer something better than AVG and after a lot of pushing and research, Kaseya finally made a deal with Kaspersky. Now that AVG is a competitor and other posts have stated that the relationship is gone, I would move to Kaspersky. The interface is needs work and setting up each workstation with various alerts can be tedious, but it does work and will alert you quickly if there is something that needs your attention. It updates regularly and for 95% of my endpoints it's fine. Twice a week I need to manually hit the update button but most often find the workstation needs to be rebooted for the machine to be back in sync with automated updates.

    Overall after almost 2 years kicking and screaming myself about Kaseya Support and this particular module, I WOULD RECOMMEND it. Certainly better than trying to find another solution to be managed outside of Kaseya.Big Smile

  • Thanks Marc.

    Do any of you use KAM in conjunction with KAV? Currently we have KES and KAM on all workstation (only KES active scan is running) and im wondering if KAM is necessary if i switch from KES to KAV.

    KAM does a great job of cleaning out a lot of "crapware" or PUP on peoples computers.

  • That's good to know about the profiles. In the last year i have changed the audits on workstations to be done on a weekly basis as per Kaseya's best practice recommendations. I will see if changing the audit time has an affect on the profiles. I also just upgraded to the other day and one thing that is happening is agent procedure failures on install. Have you been experiencing this as well?

  • There are big problems with Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 (the version in KAV) and upgrading Windows from 8 to 8.1 (total uninstall/reinstall is necessary): support.kaspersky.com/10579.  After complaining about it to our territory rep, he gave us this article and said "see, it's not Kaseya's issue."  For this reason and since it has had such a low catch-rate compare to AVG, we're forced to move hundreds of endpoints off of KAV (after purchasing 955 licenses through Kaseya in the past two years) over to AVG's CloudCare product.  It's reliable and less buggy.

  • In the case you have not purchased AVG's cloud care and will still remain with the Kaseya product, I may have a solution for your challenge.

    If you are interested please PM me.

  • I too have some issues in KAV like scan scheduled as per Profile does not work, Update scheduled from Profile does not work. I opened a support ticket and supported responded that this is known issue and will be resolved in coming versions.

  • What version of Kaseya are you currently on?

  • One current issue with KAV 10 on server is that installing it will break any PPTP/ipSec VPN your using within Routing and Remote Access.

    Fixing it involves getting Kaspersky involved and getting a bunch of private patches.  Isn't fun and wouldn't recommend it to anyone currently.  This is not a Kaseya issue, its a Kaspersky issue which they haven't released a public fix as of yet that fixes it 100%.

  • We aren't able to install KAV unless we do it manually and then connect it.  Ticket #54329.  We constantly have agents losing their activation, and in fact some are so far unable to become re-activated.  We've tried all the Kaseya provided procedures, repairs, etc.  That is ticket #55961.  So many man hours invested in KAV I don't know why it's worth it for the lower license cost than buying standalone.

  • We've pretty much decided now to move from KES to KAV. I know there are still a few open issues however can you guys give last option on if that's good or bad idea?

  • In October our 22 month long issues with KAV were resolved. On Saturday 12/13/14 we upgraded to V 8.0.12 and to date have had NO ISSUES with KAV and version 8.

    KAV is still working well and I have installed some new agents since Saturday and the installation process is also working well. I still RECOMMEND KAV. It's been a long time since we used AVG so I cannot gauge which is better. I can only tell you that KAV has been alerting me that it is catching nasty stuff coming thru emails and website searches and has stopped many problems.

    I do suggest having a malware scanner too. We do not use the Kaseya Anti-Malware product so I cannot speak about its efficacy either.

    Based on our experiences we think its a GOOD Idea!