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KAV Licensing problem

  • Hello,

    We are experiencing a problem when upgrading KAV from the old version to v10. It looks like Kaspersky is not pulling over the license because any new KAV installs or upgrades show license expiration of 30, 60, or 90 days on the enduser side. Some of them even say that the application is not activated and there is not key. And it all started with version 10. Please advise what could be done. Thank you.

  • The KES10 installation has a total activation time of about 30 minutes with the K server.  This includes Profile Assignment/Settings update/Licensing assignment.

  • it has been more than a few days now and Kaspersky is still without a license

  • Check the agent procedures for the endpoint at the time of KAV installation; any errors present?

  • no errors whatsoever, installation goes through as it should

  • At this point, I trust you have created a support ticket with kaseya?

    If so, please provide the findings to your issue as I am confident it will assist others in the future with similar issues.

  • I have not created a support ticket yet. Is that a next step to go to?

  • Absolutely!