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Upgrading to KAV 6.5 - Anyone figure out how to automate?

  • So we're having to manually uninstall KAV 2010, then tell Kaseya to uninstall so that it will "figure out" that it's not installed.

    Then, install KAV, wait forever, and see if it worked.  If not, clear out kworking\KAV and try again.

    I'm just wondering if anyone out there is having an easier time upgrading KAV clients.

  • No issues at all currently, removed KAV on one workstation with Kaseya and then it installed KAV10.0 no problems. others just seemed to update without problems. will advise if something goes off. doing the bulk of it tonight

  • So you're actually able to tell Kaseya to uninstall KAV 2010?  100% of ours don't work.

    Misspelled "So". :)
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  • Procedure Remove 2010 - Restart.xml

    I wrote an agent procedure to assist in the 2010 removal.

    Attached to post.

    Silently uninstalls and forces a restart upon completion.  I have another that does not restart the end point.   I added the procedures to the Quick View "Run Procedure Now" and run them individual on each end point I am working on.


  • Tim, thanks.  So after that, how long until Kaseya shows it as Uninstalled by User, so that you can tell it to Install?

  • My best answer is that it depends on how long it takes to uninstall and restart computer.  (less then 5 mins)

    I have only been working on agents that are online with no user logged on since the process requires at least 2 restarts.  (1 after 2010 uninstall and 1 after 10 install).

    If you have KAM you'll need the end points to be running 1.75 (upgrade requires a restart) before you can push KAV10.


  • Any luck on this, I have the same issue. I can upgrade an existing KAV 6.5 to KAV 2010, but can not do a complete uninstall and reinstall of KAV 6.5 to KAV 2010. Machines have KAM 1.75 also. Opened a ticket on Feb 20, and have had little response from Kaseya. Infact the only thing I was told to try was Kaspersky removal tool found here: support.kaspersky.com/.../service.aspx. Which did not find the version installed through Kaseya. Also I cannot change and save any profile settings under a KAV 2010.

  • rshultz - You're having trouble removing KAV2010 aka version 9.x?   Try the agent procedure that I posted above.  I have removed Kav2010 (v.9.x) from 100+ machines using it.  


  • I'm having a similar issue but we have Kaspersky 6.0 on all of our machines (is that KAV2010?).  If I manually uninstall it on a given machine I can then install the new 10.0 fine but if I try to uninstall or upgrade through the console it says successful but nothing happens.  Any ideas?  Will that script work for our version?  I'm guessing I need a different GUID for the install?


    I was digging in the Event Viewer for an endpoint I've been trying to get the AV to uninstall on and found that it appeared the Kaseya Agent was crashing every time I told it to uninstall KAV.  It was also crashing periodically throughout the day, but definitely when it was supposed to uninstall KAV.  These agents were all running (the agent from the initial 6.5 release) so I force updated them to and the uninstall WORKS.  In place upgrade doesn't appear to work, but at least I can uninstall all of them and then install them from the AV console.

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