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KAV Exceptions for Kaseya Agent Proceedures and Updates

  • I've been having a problem for awhile now when trying to roll out software so my agents.

    Users's get a Kaspersy prompt when I'm trying to install software in the background (allow, deny, trust)

    I've also been having this problem when I'm trying to remote control a computer to help someone and Kaspersky will give the user another prompt and if they don't allow it then I can't get onto that device.

    Can I get a list of Exceptions to put into workstation profile on KAV so Kaspersky doesn't react my actions via Kaseya?

    I already have the following excetions.



    c:\program files\Kaseya\

    c:\program files (x86)\Kasyea\

    Thanks for any help...

  • Hi,

    The following exceptions above should already be injected in the package by default.  I believe the issue you are having is with an actual Kaspersky component.  Which version of Kaspersky are you using?

  • We are using People are even getting prompted when I try and update the agent.

  • Hi,

    Its not an agent issue - if you wish to suppress that pop-up, you must disable the Registry Guard within the Proactive Antivirus component and I strongly recommend to disable Anti-Spy > Anti-Banner for your clients as well.