We are receiving Javascript errors when using Chrome or IE on different windows 7 computers.  I see the errors in the console log, and believe this is what is causing our Installation commands to not be queued by Kaseya.  I choose the profile, fill out the other info and click the submit button, and nothing happens.

Also, I notice the console log saying it can't find some CSS files, for example http://OURKSERVER/vsaPres/App_Themes/0/css/kaseya-all.css

OURKSERVER is actually our real domain.   Is anyone else having this issue?  We have already rebooted the kserver and reapplied schema.  Those css files actually don't exist in that folder on the server, so I don't know why they're included.  We have had no hotfixes since the 6.5 install.  I'm making a ticket for it now.

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