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KAV definitions showing out of date, but aren't

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Last week I discovered that 25% of our KAV clients were marked with out of date definitions.  Updating did not resolve the problem.  Problem existed across multiple companies and profiles.

I opened a ticket (#2114) and finally got a response to run a "Verify Install" against one of the workstations.  This did clear up the problem.

Unfortunately, the "Verify Install" requires a license.  I have 0 available to complete this and even if I had 1, I have no desire to "Verify Install" on 200 computers, one at a time.  I've not yet gotten a response from support about what to do next, so...

Q1)  Is there a workaround that can be put in to place so I can clear this issue up for multiple computers at once?

Q2) Why can't I trust the Kaseya GUI to tell me what the KAV definitions dates are?  Is this fixed in 6.5?

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  • Mike,

    The issue typically lies in the lua scripts of the respective agents (the verify install refreshes those scripts).  

  • We have upgraded to 6.5 ( and we have no licensing or update issues now with KAV installs...