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KAV Profiles

  • So, this issue hasn't turned up since we installed KAV 1.4, but now that we've upgraded to VSA 6.5, I couldn't figure out a way to share my profiles with other admins (some profiles have hundreds of exclusions).

    Then I noticed in this document http://www.kaseya.com/download/en-us/files/Kaseya_Antivirus_1_4_Release_Announcement.pdf 

    where it says "Starting with KAV 1.4, the configuration profiles will no longer be visible to all administrators. In general, the profiles visible to an administrator will be: 

    • Any profiles created by that administrator
    • Any profiles associated with machines you can see within your machine scope.

    What do others do about this?  I copied all of my 6 profiles to 10.  Do I have to push the first Kaspersky 10 install to a machine group before the other admins can use them?  Do I have to do this for each profile?  Something seems not quite right about this.

  • When would you have an administrator that doesn't have all machines in their scope? (Well, I guess that's possible, but probably not common?)

  • I think they are in their scope, but that PDF says "Any profiles associated with machines you can see within your machine scope."  

    Does that mean I have to push the new profile to a group before they can use that profile in that group?

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  • I just checked, the other admins share the same scope as me.

  • I have had this discussion with kaseya before.  We actually logged a ticket around admins not able to see profiles created by another admin.  They told me that it is working as designed.

    We find it really annoying.  For small clients, if a profile is removed from the last machine and that profile is now not applied to any machines, and you did not create that profile, there is NO WAY you can see the profile to assign to a new machine without getting the original admin to associate that profile with at least one machine.

    a royal PITA.

  • The KAV profiles use scope rules - if you would like other administrators to see the profile, it must be assigned to at least one endpoint in the respective organization.