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Another month has passed and still no updates

  • Kaseya we are pleading for some updates from you. Your silence is what annoys us, it is as you simply do not care.

    Customers are continuing to acquire windows 8 computers and i am unable to support them with a working antivirus (NOT KES). Please as a final plea for someone to reach out and update us on what the helll is taking so long.

  • well I hope that the webinar happening in a week has some good information about this we are getting tired as well of the lack of support/communication on this.  windows  8.1 is coming out on the 18th I hope that the new version will support that out of the box and not wait a year or more for it to be supported because we wont be using this product anymore if it does

    there comes a point when best price does not mean the best value.

  • please update us...we have Windows8 machines that are not being managed by KAV due to this :-(

  • I have been wanting updates on this too. I will share and email I received from my account manager.

    From a lead developer.

    I apologize that we are not clear on our latest developments with KAV.  I don't have an answer as to "when" you will see a released version of our support for Kaspersky EP10 that supports Win 8 and Server 2012.  A bit of background could help; we were testing a version of a combination of Kaspersky and Malwarebytes when our company was purchased by a private equity firm.   We now have a new management team in place as you may or may not be aware.  One of the first items of business is for them to gauge all things Kaseya.  As a result, our efforts with Security Center were temporarily put on hold.  We will come back with a concrete plan going forward shortly.  I appreciate your support and want to be as transparent as I can.


    Scott Brackett

  • Actually, Scott is the Program Manager for that project.  We were on the alpha test pilot of the Security Center and have found ourselves in the same boat as you. On hold with many open tickets.

  • We have also been impatiently waiting for Kaseya to fix this MASSIVE SCREW-UP. Here is what we got from our rep back in May:

    I know everyone is eagerly wanting KAV to be supported on Windows 8. Right now it is in the development stage and hopefully will be released in Q3.

    Jessica Niebuhr

    Account Manager

    How can it take over a year (plus advanced notice) to come up with product compatibility for Windows 8 for something as critical as KAV. If only Kaseya's modules worked as well as their internal billing system...

  • This is really sad. We are looking into switching away from Kaseya, just because of all these issues with KAV.

  • Please make sure you attend the following webinar tomorrow.  www.kaseya.com/.../management-team

    Here the new executive team will introduce themselves and discuss the future of Kaseya including answering questions about the product roadmap.  

  • It has been confirmed that Windows 8 and Server 2012 support will ship in the Winter (January) release.  

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  • I hope Kaseya realizes how embarassing it is for you as a company to be so far behind the ball on these updates.  Your product HAS to support the latest and greatest ASAP with every new release, or your product will cease to exist.  16 months after OS release ?  Really ?  Thats ok with you ?  

  • Rest assured , the entire team, including the new executive team are keenly aware of how far behind these updates are, yet, given our new exec team and some very exciting restructuring we hope you will walk with us as we push to deliver frequent high quality product updates moving forward.  

  • Brendan> Thank you for finally answering this question for us.  Will this update support Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2?

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  • Hi Klynn,

    Kaspersky does not support Windows 8.1 at the moment, so it all depends if we can get an updated engine from them before our own release.

    Yann (Kaseya)

  • @Yann

    Does that mean it could potentially be another year before KAV will support Windows 8.1, assuming an updated engine doesn't make it before the January update?  We've held off on Win8 for customers specifically for the 8.1 improvements, but another lengthy wait for Kaseya to support 8.1 is pretty unpalatable.

  • No, definitely not. We are committed to stay current with the Windows OS for KAV. If we don't get the new Kaspersky engine in time for the January release, we will do our best to release it not too long after that. We always need a bit of time to perform the integration and do some thorough testing & QA; but you will definitely not have to wait a year.