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Kaseya is blocking web site page

  • We have users that are having a problem accessing a web site. It is a secure site that they must log into. They go through the log in process. When they get to the initial page after logging in, it is blank. The URL in the browser has changed to the correct URL Meaning the correct URL of the initial page after login. This would indicate that the response from the server came back to the local computer, but the page is not coming back with content or is being blocked.

    If Kaseya is disabled, there is no problem accessing the web site. This seems to indicate that Kaseya is blocking it.

    Clearly disabling is not the best option. What is strange is that many times after disabling and re-enabling Kaseya the problem goes away. Seems odd to me that this would happen.

    Any ideas on what I can do to prevent this from happening? Also any ideas on what it is about the site Kaseya that is causing it to be blocked?



  • I should have included this in my original post.

    Kaseya Antivirus powered by Kaspersky


    On Windows 7 Professional

  • Have you looked into the additional plug-ins for KAV? I ran into an issue with the anti-banner/anti-spy where it was blocking legit portions of the internet. There isn't a way to manage the white list, but I would try to disable anti spy in the profile associated with the machines in question and see if that fixes your problem.

  • This is a bit different being it was a user using Kaspersky, which is what is under the hood for KAV. She had Web AntiVirus turn off and she was still getting the blank page. I would have thought this would have "fixed" the problem. For your users were you getting the same behavior: a blank page on the correct URL?