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Kaspersky endpoints displaying "license expiring in x days" issue (6/16/2013-present)

  • An overview of the Kaspersky / Kaseya AntiVirus licensing process is available at 


    Currently we are experiencing an issue where the secondary (reserve) key is being blocked from applying to endpoints, causing the endpoints to return the license expiration warning when the primary key is nearing the end of life.   The majority of the endpoints affected have since had the primary key expire, and a new key has successfully applied on the endpoint.  Remaining endpoints will need the default Kaspersky AntiVirus skin reapplied and details gathered from the License page within the Kaspersky default UI.

    As more information becomes available on the issue, I will continue to update this thread.


    Kaseya Support 

  • Travis:  Is this the same as this thread?  community.kaseya.com/.../84984.aspx

    I performed the procedure liked to in the second post (community.kaseya.com/.../84390.aspx) which solved my problem [after editing the procedure for my specific KAV admin password]


  • Wayne,

    Its a similar root cause.  a process to delete the current keys and apply updated keys will prevent the license expiration pop up.

  • Is there a resolution for this yet ?

  • We are starting to get calls on this today.  Is there a resolution?

  • The resolution at this point is to wait for one of the two licenses to expire.  We have not found any root cause of how two keys that have roughly the same "shelf life" came to be applied on new installations, but this does appear to be the case.  Once one of the two keys reaches expiration date, the next maintenance cycle will remove that key and correctly apply a new key from the KServer.  

    A hotfix is in process to add a "Fix Kaspersky Key" button to the KAV module that will allow the affected endpoint(s) to be selected for removal of the keys currently applied and new keys pushed down from the KServer, essentially an automated version of the agent procedures referenced above.



    Kaseya Support

  • We need a way to stop the pop-up that is showing when this happens.

  • More detailed information regarding the KAV licensing process, updated yesterday, is available at community.kaseya.com/.../877.why-do-kav-endpoints-show-a-different-license-expiration-than-shown-in-the-kav-ui.aspx

  • Travis, I was told we need to resolve this immediately and can not wait for the "hot fix".  In creating a procedure with the XML you posted here:  community.kaseya.com/.../84390.aspx

    How to I validate that the license(s) were in fact properly updated?

  • I used that procedure yesterday.  The client confirmed that there were no pop-up warnings this morning.

    The procedure is coded for workstations, not servers.  Should be a simple adjustment to update the path names.

    One question I can't find the answer to:  Is this just a fluke with the licensing or will Kaspersky actually stop working?  I'm not worried about pop-ups on servers, but AV not working is a more serious issue.

  • Mike,

    This is just an issue with the rolling 60 day keys in use on the endpoints.  Once one of the two keys on the endpoint reaches the expiration, a new key will be deployed from the KServer.  There should be no impact to Anti-Virus functionality.

    If any endpoints continue to display "your license is expired" for more than 24 hours (through one nightly maintenance cycle) then there is another issue at play.  If any endpoints are discovered in this state, please open a new ticket, and specify that these are displaying license expired, and that it is not related to the ongoing key issue.


    Kaseya Support

  • This particular client had several endpoints showing expiration as early as 5 days ago.  The linked procedure fixed those issues, so there's nothing to report now.

    It would be nice if the K Support team had this information to reply to tickets instead of "It's a known issue" and then ignoring follow-up questions.  (Ticket CS169847 if anyone cares.  Of course, I can have it closed now.)

  • Thanks Travis

  • So far deployed and seems to be fixing the issue as clients are not showing expired anymore.  But still want to know how to validate this as well as make sure it does not re-occur.  We do have a support ticket open and waiting on a specialist to be assigned.  

    How do we go about resolving this issue on servers?  I know the posted XML was for workstations only...

  • The hotfix to add a UI button to perform a system defined version of the procedure above has finally been released.

    This procedure removes the active keys on the endpoint, copies down the keys available on the KServer, and applies both to the endpoint.