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KAV ( compatible with Office 2013?

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Quick question,

Can anyone confirm whether KAV is compatible with Office 2013? We've been having some bizarre issues with Excel randomly crashing on new systems with KAV installed, running Windows 7 and Office 2013.

I have been unable to find any documentation anywhere that confirms/nor denies compatibility. 


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  • We have that installed on about 10 computers and have not seen this. But then all environments are different.

  • Yes, we have other computers with Office 2013 installed on them and haven't had any issues with them up until this point. Kaspersky doesn't officially list Office 2013 as being compatible:


    I've removed KAV from one of the problematic workstations today, so we'll see if the issue goes away. (I've tried about everything else known to man: (Removed/disabled add-ins, added Excel to trusted applications in KAV, performed a full repair of the Office suite).

  • I've seen similar issues to this when the previous antivirus was not completely uninstalled (or had bits / pieces it left behind).  Best to log a ticket with KSupport and they will get to the bottom of it.