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Month by month report on licence expirary

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Is there away to produce a report of KAV licence expiries on a month by month basis?

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  • Not yet...I'm working on this as we speak.  I believe the major questions to answer are

    1.  Tell me when licenses are going to be consumed in [30/60/90] timeframe

    2.  Tell me when i need to purchase more licenses in [30/60/9] timeframe

    3.  Tell me how many licenses are going to expire monthly broken down with quarterly summaries over the next year.

    Are there more?

    private message me if you have extra concerns as well - jeff.keyes@kaseya.com

  • I was actually working on trying to see our KES expirations today - for the next 10/30/60/90 days.  We looked at a veiw of the machines expiring in the next 30 days, copied to clipboard, pasted into excel, and counted the rows. Repeated for 60 days, then again for 90 days, then again for 180.

    We are down to less than 30 KES licenses, yet I had purchased a few hundred earlier this month. Turns out that we instally deployed KES within a short time frame, and many of our licenses expire/renew in a short time frame.  I think being able to see how many licenses expire/renew in the next 30/60/90/etc days would be a very helpful feature.


  • it would also be nice to set up alerts to send an email or raise a ticket with  how many licences are expiring in the next 30 days