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KAV Licenses Silently Disappearing

  • We install KAV & KAM on all workstations at the same time now. Recently, we have noticed that there are roughly 50% more KAV licenses consumed than KAM licenses. They should be equal counts. It's as if if there is an install problem of KAV, the license is pulled from the license pool on an install attempt, but never returned to the pool. Each install attempt consumes another license.

    Having tons of KAV install problems at a new client site, the license pool seems to have become a black hole, swallowing up licenses and requiring more to be purchased. I have not seen the pool count increase by a license being returned to it, only a decreasing license count in the pool. It seems something in this pool method is not working right.

    Has anyone noticed licenses being returned to the license pool on KAM or KAV, or are the licenses silently disappearing, or have you even noticed anything like that? 

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  • My Licenses was showing a negative number when they upgraded to 6.3, This was on ITCenter. I submitted a ticked and a month later it was resolved.