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KAV 1.4 install enables Windows Firewall. Any way to stop that?

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Currently running older KES and evaluating KAV 1.4 and KES 2.3.  One of the problems I have come across immediately is that installing KAV enables Windows Firewall on both servers and workstations and there does not appear to be able way to prevent that.  Am I missing something?

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  • Anyone else experience this? If so ill stay on 1.3

  • It is happening to me too, need to turn this off ASAP

  • I will throw my hat into the ring that I have been on KAV 1.4 for quite awhile now and haven't seen this.  The fact that I have the firewall disabling via GPO may be the reason for it though.

  • The KES uninstall (rather than the KAV install) is re-enabling Windows Firewall... I think.

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