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Kaspersky suddenly causing some PC's to lock up

  • We are experiencing a strange problem that started today.  Random PC's that have Kaspersky and locking up and displaying an alert box that says "Previous application launch failed."  Other messages reference a failed update.  The PC's are completely useless until we go in using Safemode and uninstall Kaspersky, after that they run fine again.  We have had 20+ PC's so far with this issue out of over 500 PC's that we have deployed Kaspersky to.  We are obviously concerned that this could happen to more PC's and are wanting to make the best decision on how to proceed.  I'm interested in if anyone else is experiencing this problem and if anyone has any suggestions. 

  • We are experiencing the same issue and have only been able to resolve it using the same method.

  • We are also starting to see the same issue- small number of machines affected at the moment

  • Ditto, 4 machines so far for us today out of 944. This is going to be a nightmare like the blue screen issue back in June that we had to remove KAV from a number of machines in Safe mode.

  • I'm still running KAV 1.3, what about you guys?

  • Yes- still KAV 1.3

  • Yep, we are still running KAV 1.3, so far 7 machines out of 376.

  • We have found that if the user restarts the machine and leaves it at the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen then we are able to uninstall KAV through Kaseya, we then restart the machine and then the user is able to continue working.

  • Here is a link on Kaspersky's forum we found. forum.kaspersky.com/index.php

    Apparently this problem began around noon.  We tried rebooting PC's to see if that was the common element, but couldn't force the problem to appear. Our best guess so far is that it's caused by a failed install and we think that maybe the affected machines where rebooted before the install finished.  We have had numerous complaints about slow downs as well today and that was also on PC's with Kaspersky.  We still have a lot of PC's on AVG and haven't had any issues with them today.  We replicated the problem by rebooting a PC after we ran a Kaspersky uninstall script we were testing that seemed to be taking to long.  After the reboot we saw the exact same screen our clients have been.  

  • Well there is one similararity, was planning on upgrading to 1.4 during this 4 day weekend coming up too. Be nice to see if anyone with 1.4 did not have this issue.

  • While checking my link I found an update where Kaspersky is acknowledging the problem and is working on a fix.  There is also a suggested work around.

  • We are on 1.4 and are still having the issue. It's a Kaspersky problem not a Kaseya one.

  • Well thats a good find. Please keep updated on any resoltuion to the problem from Kaspersky so we can get the update here.

  • I am also having this problem just started today, is it safe to assume its some update from Kaspersky that's caused the problem and I should set the profiles to not get updates until a resolution is out?

  • From the Kaspersky forum (linked above) there is now supposed to be an update to fix this issue. We haven't been able to verify this yet ourselves.  We have premptively made all of the primary contacts at clients who could be effected by the issue aware of what's going on and we have a defined response plan that we've communicated to all of our techs for what to do if it occurs any more today.  That's the best we can do for now.

    I do wish Kaseya had responded to this thread as well. It would be nice to know that they were looking out for us in issues such as this and that they would use their leverage with Kaspersky to a)make sure we got a quick fix and b)try to prevent this type of issue from happening in the future. (Where was the testing?)