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KAV on servers - our experience

  • We rolled KAV out to approx 200 servers and 80 workstations. At first it seemed great having A/V all integrated into Kaseya, but we found just way too many issues with KAV. The install/uninstall process is lumpy to say the least, we had a number of servers with random bluescreens which were confirmed by MS as being caused by Kaspersky driver, and the profile management seemed a bit week.

    On workstations we ended up having to disable so many functions to get it stable and not affecting other aspects of the computer that it wasnt doing a lot.

    The .1611 update didn't seem to help much at all

    We had a few tickets open with Kaseya, but the complex ones were referred to Kaspersky who were in no hurry to assist

    After a lot of thought we pullled it off every machine, and have since rolled back to our original A/V (Nod), so far no issues and servers+worstations have stabilized bigtime

    What a mission!

  • Yikes!  I can't find your profile information so I cannot lookup your tickets.  I'm very interested in this experience as I'm not seeing this across the environments I keep in touch with.  Can you send me info to jeff.keyes@kaseya.com?


  • KAV has also been and continues to be a nightmare for us

  • Hi Jeff, here are a few tickets:

    CS116548 (main issue with approx 20 servers bluescreening)


    Also note that in the end we waited so long for Kaspersky to get back to us re the dump file analysis that we opened a MS ticket, sent them the dump files and they confirmed it was Kaspersky causing issue

  • To throw in a more positive note.  I haven't had much problems with it but I've kept it off my servers.  I find that in general AV on servers causes more harm than good.  I did post and open a ticket about my copy and paste problems that may have been because of KAV 1.4 but the problem seems to have sorted itself out mostly on it's own.

  • ~50 servers and one blue screen case. Though that server was behaving weirdly before installing KAV. Otherwise just some performance issues which can be dealt with exclusions.

  • Overall, we've been much happier, but we miss the Exchange protection of AVG/KES