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KAV: Upgrading from KAV 2010 to KAV 6

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We have just upgrading our antivirus from Kaspersky 2010 to Kaspersky 2012 via KAV. Now my company wants to roll out upgrading our staff production laptops to the latest version of KAV, but in order to do that we are being informed by KAV that we have to reboot the machine in order to install Kaspersky 2012. In the previous version of KAV, if you manually uninstalled the previous AV client and manually installed the new version, a reboot was not required. 

How can I get the latest version of KAV to install Kaspersky 2012 without requiring a reboot? Also, how can I share our preconfigured antivius profile across multiple support rep profiles in the latest version of KAV?

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  • Upgrading from Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 (KAV 1.4) will actually reboot computer twice. Uninstall -> Boot -> Install -> Boot. I don't think these any trick to get around this. Though there is a option to ask user confirmation first.  

  • So in an enterprise environment, we're suppose to roll out Antivirus by asking everyone to reboot? Does that not sound like a recipe for disaster? In the last version of KAV, there was a workaround to this problem - I wonder why there isn't this time.

  • The builtin '"Upgrade Client Version" boots computer without warning. The ask for user confirmation feature just asks user before whole process if its OK to do this now and proceeds when user clicks OK.

  • And if they don't want to do it at that time (which most users will select) does it keep bugging them to update?

  • You could schedule it for after hours (if not 24/7), or a time when that PC will be not in use.

  • Unfortunately, we are a laptop environment - so there are no true after hours and if a computer is not in use, odds are the user has it off. This is why the old model of KAV in which we could install it without having the computer restart was a good model.

  • Actually I'm not sure if the option keeps nagging on users. Don't have any 2010 upgrades to test. Same feature in new KAV Install does not keep nagging and admin needs to schedule the installation again if user declines.

  • Well there ya go, if they chose no on the reboot, they'll turn off their laptop eventually.  I assume they'll turn it back on as well.  Rebooted.

  • My question in that regard would be: does the KAV install time out after a certain amount of time if they don't restart (i.e. let's say I push KAV out now and they don't restart for 2 weeks - will it still install 2 weeks from now or do I have to restart the install process)

  • If user says no for user confirmation question, the whole installation won't happen. Its not just for reboot.

    On fresh KAV installs (no old AV to uninstall) you don't need to reboot computer, installation will be marked successful and av process will run. Local gui will be available after reboot.