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Profiles are Killing Us

  • We have a handful of machine that we attempted to upgrade to latest client that are really having issues.  We did a verify install on them and now they all say verify failed.  If you click on Install, Upgrade Client Version, the box gives us the Could not determine Kaspersky version.  If you click on install, then the box says AntiVirus client upgrade required.  Stuck in a loop.  One thing I did notice is that all of these machiens somehow had the Sample Workstation Profile applied to them (not by us, we specifid the profile to use)  Also when I try to appy a specific profile, the box pops up to select the profile then disappears.

    One of the problems we've seen by this is the fact that USB ports on the endpoint are disabled...makes our users a little cranky when they can't mouse, type or print.


    Please tell me if someone else has seen or heard of or has a soltuion...I really don't want to run KAV Remover on all these machines, but I know that will get it fixed.




  • Hi Jason,

    we have the same issue but no solution yet

    Would like also to see a salution for this ...

    regards Markus