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KAV 1.4 Installer Option - remove competing AV products - what can it detect & remove?

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Hello all,

We did a test yesterday to see if KAV would detect & remove competing AV products.  We tested with AVG free, and MSE.

KAV detected & removed MSE, but left AVG there, so the two products ran side by side.  

Is the 'remove competing av' option a Kaseya performed task, or Kaspersky?

Regardless, is there a list of known AV's it will remove, or are we going to have to do this trial and error?  

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  • Oh, and I raised a ticket with support on this, the support person gave me a link to the KAV removal tool suggesting this would help me :/

  • The full list of applications that the Kaspersky installer can remove is available at: support.kaspersky.com/.../install



    Kaseya Support

  • Thanks Travis, you might like to pass this info to the team that replies to tickets, the person who was assigned to my ticket wasn't aware of this.