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When will KAV 1.4 support Windows 8?

  • When will KAV 1.4 support Windows 8?

    We already have a test lab for Windows 8. We anticipate some clients will soon be installing this and would like to be able to secure them.

  • Any update on this?

  • We have a few machines on Windows 8.

  • Push ...

    ... is there any information about KAV and Windows 8? Is there any planned date for Windows 8 - Support?

  • We need to know this too, it's one of the big reasons why some of our people are pushing a switch to a different solution, and we have about 3700 agents with AV.


  • Hi there

    The team is currently working on Kaspersky EP 10 which supports Windows 8.  This functionality is NOT in KAV 1.4.  KAV and KAM are  rolled into a single module called Kaseya Security Center and its going into alpha testing in the next week or so.  I'd expect beta / Controlled release in Feb.

    Kaspersky is slated to go GA with EP 10 at the end of this month...so...Kaseya is staying fairly well connected with Kaspersky in terms of release cycles.  I recognize this is AFTER the release of Windows 8 and leaves us without a solution for a short period of time.


  • Hey Jeff.

    Thanks for that fast Input.

    Is there any time horizon for the available for a beta-test and the global available of "kaseya security Center" with kav EP 10? I've checked the Roadmap (community.kaseya.com/.../roadmap.aspx) and did found any Information about "Kaseya Security Center" or "Kaspersky EP10"? Or did i missed it?

  • I'll get the roadmap updated with that info.  Expect Feb to have beta test time.  Drop a note to me and I'll get you on the list of folks



  • We already have windows 8  roll-out to costumers. indeed we need this update te get the costumer secured. so i hope that it will be available next month?


  • Jeff, any update on this? We're into March now, did the beta testing start in February as expected? We have clients with Win8 running now, and this is really starting to a be a problem.


  • +1 from me! :)

    KES vs. KAV! We started to use KES on our W8 Clients. Much better then nothing! :)

  • Hope that we get to see this by Feb,  I would really like to have this by then but I think they can get this out in 11 months like Jeff Keyes hinted at.

  • Anyone got updates on this?  I would really like to know when I am going to be able to put something beyond Windows Defender on my Win8 clients.  I am also a Test Pilot, and have not seen/heard anything about an early release available yet.

    I realize KES supports Win8, but i am not a fan of AVG, at all...

  • I am also a test pilot, and have heard nothing.

  • Ditto, no news is not always good news