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Systems getting "black.lst missing or corrupted"

  • It seems, at random, some of our managed KAV noes will start getting "black.lst missing or corrupted" errors.  When this occurs, it pops up a message constantly (about every 5 minutes) and does not appear to go away.  These are machines that work just fine for weeks, and then one or two start popping up with this.

    Has anyone seen this issue? 

  • I have seen the same pop ups, they disappear after a forced update

  • In our case, the updates are failing.  We have them launch a manual update, and the updates hang in the middle and never complete.

  • You probably have to wait for a reboot of the endpoint.

  • Just rebooted the endpoint.  Got back into Kaspersky, clicked the Update button, and updates get to about 80% and then hang.  So it's definitely NOT a reboot issue.

  • I haven't seen the black.lst pop ups anymore. Updates are successfully over here.

    I guess you will have to raise a ticket with Kaseya support.

  • I've seen these error some times too. Updating will fix it. I've also noticed that update is sometimes very slow. If you cannot update at all you could try to from Kaspersky update settings disable Kaseya update server and leave only Kaspersky Lab server there.

  • How do we remove the Kaseya server using the KAV/VSA console?  I'm seeing (in the Update area of Kaspersky) where this can be configured, but where is this set from the console?  I'd hate to have to log into 45 workstations and change it manually on each one.

  • So there is no confirmed reason as to why this file is corrupted? Since KAV 6.0 was released is that supposed to have fixed this problem?

  • I have to say this is getting absolutely stupid.  I have had my techs put in at least 20 tickets over last week over this problem and its got to go away.

  • We have seen this error a lot on machines since the release of 1.4.  We have opened several tickets and have been told it's a known issue due to Kalua script errors and have been told they are working on the problem with no known time frame to resolution.  We are now logging between 10 and 15 hours a week resolving issues such as this, license expired, applications not launching (another known issue with this module), and a new one that cropped up last week that the clipboard stops working.  This module in my opinion is just to unreliable to use in a live production environment.  We are currently looking at other options.

  • This issue has been occurring for our end points as well. (among many others)

    Has anyone had better luck with KES or AVG? Or do they seem to have the same random issues as KAV?

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