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Full Scan and Quick Scan - where is the progress bar?

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Where can i find information about the progress of scans on machines?

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  • In KAV 1.4, it will just show that a scan is running.  If you go to the scans column set, you can see start and end times.

    I'm not sure what else you are looking for...but...a cool feature would be to show estimated time of completion based upon previous scans and upon this scan.

  • Hello Jeff.

    Great. I've missed it until your post ... thank you. It's really tricky to find it. i think the UI must be more effective for technicans - more information at one sight ... 

    Yes - Progress ... it would be great if you can see - the full scan runs about 3pm, so i can call the customer ... and inform about the perfomance-impact. for know i have no chance to see anything about that ...