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Black Hole License Reconciliation

  • Scenario A:

    VSA issues a KAV/KAM license to a machine. A week later, the machines BSOD and the only fix is to reformat the drive and rebuild the machine. The VSA issued license was never reclaimed because the machine never came back online to uninstall the app so license could be reclaimed.

    So, the machine HDD is reformated and rebuilt. The agent is not installed. How does the VSA reclaim and reconcile that license?

  • Support is pretty zippy today. Already have a response from them on this:

    "When an agent is deleted in the VSA (This can be ensured by using the clean database option in Agent > Delete),

    if one of these agents happen to have KAV on them, the KAV license for this machine will then be considered an orphaned license.  

    The Kaseya Server runs a process every 8-10 hours to check for orphaned licenses and returns them as partial licenses to be used on new installations.

    However, we have seen this process take up to 24 hours."

  • PS: Kudos Nick

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