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Anyone have a solid handle on KAV Licensing?

  • I can't count how may ping pong emails and time I have spent with support tickets on the issue of tracking the actual KAV licenses that are expired or about to be expired in addition to what happens to losing licenses that have not been reclaimed.

    Amazing how most in KAV support are clueless on the productions licensing management. Various support staff have various answers, none actually address the original question of SHOW ME A REPORT OR SCREEN THAT LISTS ALL THE LICENSES, HOW MANY ARE EXPIRED & HOW MANY ARE ABOUT TO EXPIRE.

    Very simple, very basic question. Not an actual correct answer as of to date.

    Can anyone answer the question?

    ONE guy in support actually came up with the answer, but the feature is not available, as far as I can see. Here is what he showed, would be a fix. Anyone have this option available?






  • Thanks for posting this!  The expiration date is called "License Date" on my system.  

  • This post has been deleted.
  • See Black Hole License Reconciliation