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Terminal Servers - KES or KAV?

  • For terminal servers, my understanding is that neither KES nor KAV is optimal
    (currently) for usage. But is there one that's better than the other?

    We've been using KES but have started to transition clients to KAV and we have a
    brand new Server 2008 R2 Terminal Server and we're trying to decide which
    solution to put on it.

    Some of the Kaseya Reps at the Kaseya Conference in Vegas mentioned that if we run KES on a
    terminal server that KAV be better, but everything on
    the boards and through the Kaseya support channels seems to indicate that it's
    a bad idea to use KAV on a terminal server. Is KAV worse than KES on a terminal

    We're running the controlled release of KAV 1.4


  • Hi Keith,

    i know we did try to run KAV1.4 on TS but had some strange issue's (even thought the kasperkey product should work OK) i think there are to less profile options to get KAV 100% OK on TS.

    we run KES on 10+ W2008 x64 TS without any problems.

    hope this helps