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What is the KAV password

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This might be a stupid question but I'm trying to find out what the password is for KAV.

It says in the FAQ sticky on this forum to check the help file. So I'm guessing its not based on the agents credentials. Where is this help file? I've checked a machine with KAV installed and couldn't find a help file. Also looked in KAV tab in kaseya but nothing that I noticed.


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  • Awesome, thanks for that @SMason!

    Weirdest thing though... I tried to uninstall manually on a pc earlier today but it prompted for the password. I just tried now once finding out the password on the same pc but hit the repair button in add/remove programs instead of change by mistake... after it had completed the repair I hit change and then uninstall and it didn't prompt me for a password... have I stumbled upon a hole in the password protection or did something unique and weird happen on that one pc?

    I'll need to try on another pc to confirm.