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Default KAV exclusions and KLC

  • We have a problem with KAV blocking KLC when using the default profile. If we try to connect via KLC after installing KAV 1.3 on any machines we can't view their desktop and we often get browser messages that the KLC protocol addin has crashed.

    Temporarily disabling the KAV protection on that machine fixes the issue. 


    The Exclusions in the default profile seem to allow agentmon.exe, knetcollector.exe and the kaseya folder. We've also added the kaseya ktemp folder to that too. 


    Anyone else see this?


    It's very annoying



  • Olly,

    Did you ever figure this out?  I am experiencing the same problem.



  • You have to disable the "Proactive Threat Detection" in the profile for now to fix this.

  • Err... it's called "Proactive Anti-Virus" and it is on the Component Protection tab.