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Change Proxy Setting in KAV

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I've got a problem that I've been unable to get any way of sorting out.

A large number of machines with agents in my VSA have a webguard proxy on them, I've allowed the update servers out and everything on the proxy but it looks that regardless of if you've allowed everything on the proxy to work Kaspersky detects that IE has a proxy set and prompts users for credentials anyway.

I need a solution to turn off the Use Proxy setting in Kaspersky, be this a reg key I can make a script for or anything else anyone would know of? Sadly there's no option in the installer that I can see about useing a proxy.

TL:DR - Turn off Proxy in Kaspersky without having to do it manually

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  • I have found the registry key for it


    Sadly you cannot edit it or take ownership of it, anyone have any ideas from that?

  • Yes we have same scenario, and need to be able to control this also!