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Exclusion rules in KAV 1.3

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If we have customized the Exclusion rules on a server endpoint, am I correct in saying that if a profile is assigned to that machine those exclusion rules will dissapear? I dont want to have a profile for each server, however the required exclusions are very different. I had hoped that if I applied a profile to a particular server it would MERGE the exclusion rules in the profile with thte locally configured ones rather than replace...

Am I missing something here?

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  • It will replace, however I find that adding exclusions for an application thats not installed on a server, does not matter a whole lot...and generally speaking, most common services have the exact same exclusions...

    We have a single profile...I apply exclusions for exchange, sql, etc onto worstations...the risk is extremely low and if I exclude something thats not installed...well, it really doesn't do anything.