1. Can we have KAV 1.3 installed on the KServer without affecting our existing KAV installs on the end points?

Yes. Endpoints with previous installs will not be affected.

  1. Are there any dependencies for KAV 1.3, i.e. do we need to update the Kaseya Agent as well?


                  If you have Kaseya Agents with a version of 6.1 or higher,  you will not need to update Agents.  

                   KAV 1.3 doesn't require you to upgrade or install anything to the endpoints.


  1. Does the KAV1.3 Full Scan scan network drives by default?

                   No, it doesn’t scan network drives be default. The default is off.

  1. The Protection scope for ‘All network drives’ in File Ant-virus shows as enabled.   What does that mean?  Is there a way to disable it?

File Anti-Virus scans files as they are opened, saved or executed.  In KAV1.3, by default, File Anti-Virus scans only new or modified files. The scan mode by default is Smart mode - meaning the determination as to whether an object needs to be scanned is made by analyzing the operations performed on that object by the user or system.  In short, not all objects get scanned and this minimizes the impact compared to scanning all the network traffic.

KAV1.3 doesn’t allow you to turn off this feature in the Kaseya UI. It will be available in the Kaseya UI in KAV1.4. If you encounter any network impact or other issues related to Smart mode real protection on network drives, please file a ticket with support and we can assist you ASAP  to resolve the issue.

NOTE: Due to the consistent request from customers, we are working on a hotfix to turn off the "All network drives" option[As default]. ETA- Later this week.

  1. Auto password protection is enabled in KAV1.3. The end user doesn’t have the capability to make any changes to this. Is there a work around if we do want to change it?

                  Password protection in KAV1.3 prevents the end user from making changes to the local AV settings on their machine. For example if they try to uninstall the Antivirus client manually from the managed machine, they are prompted for a password.   KAV1.3 does not allow you to turn off password protection in the Kaseya UI. Managing password protection on selected operations through the Kaseya UI will be in a future release. The recommended workaround if you do need to allow local changes is to give the password to the end-user for them to do any modification. If you don’t know the password, it’s the same uninstall password as listed in the built-in help doc.


   6.  Does KAV1.3 supports terminal server, exchange ?  

      Not yet.  We are releasing the exchange support shortly. Terminal server support will be available in next  Kaspersky Engine upgrade release. Please refer below list for Current system Requirements and supported Workstation and Manged server list 


Kaseya Server

  • The Antivirus module installs on VSA 6.2 or later

Requirements for Each Managed Workstation

  • 800 MHz CPU or greater
  • 512 MB available RAM
  • About 480 MB free space on the hard drive
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 are supported. Microsoft Windows 98 and NT are not supported.
  • Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0

Requirements for Each Managed Server

  • Server 2000, 2003, 2003 R2, SBS 2003 R2, 2008, SBS 2008, 2008 R2 are supported.
  • Only the OS of SBS 2008 is supported. It does not include Exchange email servers hosted by SBS 2008.
  • See Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Servers version 6.0.4.x for a complete list of server system requirements.



FYI -  If you  see any topic that needs to be added to or modified on this list, please email meghana.subramanian@kaseya.com

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