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KAV / KAM install & component issues.

  • I have spent about 3 weeks now (probably more) on various attempts to resolve mainly KAV issues after dealing with KAM issues. During this time, I have worked with K engineers and jumped thru all the hoops with littel success. Then I started a systematic approach on finding how to fix either a failed upgrade, a failed install or one of the components not working after the install/upgrade. Many late nights on troubleshooting both modules.

    Dev has put the basic into the 2 modules, but both products still lack the full centralized management that an MSP needs. Until then (if then happens), you will be fighting one hidden issue after another. Basically, from what I have found out, KAM and KAV are tied to the machine profile via the agent and the DB on the server. Never ending attempts to repair, uninstall and reinstall, verify, etc will fail if the basic data is currupted or incorrect.

    If you have found a way to repair a single issue, please share your formula. I have found  a routine that fixes the KAM & KAV issues. Anyone interested?



  • I have a system I use for KAM from when it first cam out as it didn't cope with previous versions very well.  It does a silent uninstall by copying mbam-clean to computer and running with the /silentreboot switch  I then get the customer to reboot and when it restarts I clean up a variety of registry keys and files.  I can then install KAV  (I cant see how to attach files so email me graham@avonside.co.nz if you want the scripts


    With KAV the only way we have identified the many problems that occur with this is to do a local install (of the 60 installs we did we had to do local installs on 10).  I copy the install files on the server to a location i can download them and then run a script to copy them to the computer.  We then log on and do a locla custom install (not turning on the firewall hack defense)  We then identify the problem, could be a folder or registry key from a previous install, mostly deleting them gets it installed but on some occasions we have had to use the McAfee or Norton removal tool

  • We went to VSA 6.5 from 6.2 just for the promised KAV Reporting.

    Attempts to UPGRADE from KAV 6 to KAV 10 has failed from 80 to 90% of the time. (repeated attempts continue to fail).

    Support has recommended deleting left over KAV6 Registry keys after uninstall, manually deleting the kworking\KAV folder and ProgramFiles\Kasperskylabs\Kaspesky6\Skin  folder.

    Then the latest was to KAM uninstall, then manually run KAVRemover.exe utility from customers remote desktop (reboot), run Registry deletes, delete KAV folder and then

    run clean KAV 10 INSTALL... = FAILED.

    After almost 3 months you would think they could get some help from Kaspersky... But obviously not.

    As my customer sits there with machines with failed installs and no functional Antivirus for many weeks.

    (Don't even get me started on daily KAM, KLC, VSA problems).

  • Yes, I'm interested.

  • We also seem to battle endless KAV issues - Out of Compliance, full scans failing to run, critical scans failing to run.  Repairs fail.

    If you have a process that works or a methodology I would certainly be interested!