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How silent is KAV?

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I´m looking towards KAV for our Retail customers though I have a question about the software.

We need our antivirus software to be 100% silent at all times at our Point Of Sale systems, how does KAV handle that?

Is there custom settings for this?

What happens when a virus is detected, does KAV generate a pop up at the client?

Is there any other situations when KAV could possibly generate a pop up at the client?




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  • i find the proactive defense is totally unsilent, confusing my customers so much that I no longer have it available.  Also the SPAM option cuase lots of phones calls.  Other than that I don't get any thing popping up

  • In my experience (as a new KAV user) it is absolutely obnoxious.  "Silent" and "KAV" are not two terms I'd jump to associating in the same paragraph.

    We installed, which went okay I guess, but now, virtually everything I do, I get alert pop-ups reminiscent of nag-ware firewall products from 2003.  One of them I had to laugh at: Shortly after rolling KAV, I started a KAM (Kaseya AntiMalware) rollout and of course, on the systems it popped up a warning that MBAMInstaller was attempting to run, along with the commensurate "Allow/Block/Make a rule" choices.

    Right now, I wouldn't dare roll this out to any end-user stations until I can figure out a way of having KAV silently allow everything not specifically identified as a known threat.

  • Ha! I just ran through the same scenario - installing KAM right after installing KAV, and ran into the same problem.

    We have had a handful of KAV licenses for some time now but have not bothered getting into it much as we are so familiar with KES. Now that I have learnt to turn off proactive defense, I am hoping this product might just be usable. Cheers guys.

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