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KAV 1.3 Installation scheduling

  • We would really appreciate having options for the KAV install.  Namely, skip if offline, or the ability to exclude times when an installation can occur.  I've had a couple client machines reboot 3x on them this morning because they didn't leave their machine on last night, and I would really like to avoid this.  Being able to exclude times when AV installation occurs, or at least just skip if offline, would be great.


  • @russnewcomer

    Reviewed the possibility to get this released as a hot-fix. Unfortunately this requires user interface change and so pushing this to future release. In the mean time, to mitigate this problem , please warn the user by sending message using the Agent procedure.

  • Future release meaning 1.4?

  • Meghana, We also can't schedule a pre-install procedure. We tried that. The best we can give our users is "sometime over the next two weeks".

    This should be a bit higher priority than the next release considering we have to reinstall client software on all the machines.

  • @Brandon.  Recommendation here is to schedule the installation during OFF HOURS and warn the user about it . "Tonight" or "weekend" etc... We understand the restriction its imposing , however  pushing this  to KAV1.4 after evaluating the priority compared with other outstanding customer requests and the fact that it requires UI hotfix.  


      KAV1.4 feature to skip if offline

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  • Really is a nightmare .. we have 100's of machines to upgrade and are just wasting time/money yet again

    cant automate & schedule removal of "other " av and then install KAV

    dont have a local shared source for the installer or the updates

  • Thanks Meghana. We did schedule a message to users and broke up the deployment over several days. It is working ok. We have had a few that still didn't understand, which I suppose is typical. Also we've had a few that didn't get the message because their machine was offline, so it proceeded to install after it came online. I see the option to allow reboot after the install. In the future, we might try that with a prompt to reboot script afterwards or something like that.