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Kav 1.3 customization

  • After upgrading to KAV 1.3 all my custom work changed to Kaseya. I did the custom work over again, changed logo, edited main.loc and still nothing. Did the custom location change with KAV 1.3?

  • @ampsta/  You are right. The location changed.

                   For fileserver .\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles\kav\Installers\FileServer\Skin\en

                     For Workstation      .\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles\kav\Installers\Workstation\Skin\en

  • Link to Knowledge base article for Modifying the KAV1.3 endpoint UI - community.kaseya.com/.../modifying-the-kav1-3-endpoint-ui.aspx

  • kav_Capture.PNG

    Any way to change the window Title? Assume not possible to update the logo and name used in the start menu and program group?

  • Go into the installer/workstation folder and change the main file

  • To remove references to “Kaseya Antivirus” in the UI Window Title, Task Tray, etc., open:


    For File Server


    For Workstation


    Search for the “common enums”, replace “Kaseya Antivirus” with your choice of titles.

  • Hello Meghana,

    how get the clients updated with the changed UI? Is there a simple way?

  • From the Anti-Virus Management Tab select all the machines you want to update with your new UI. Once selected click the "Install" drop down menu and click "Verify Install". This will check each agent to see if it's files match what you have on the server and if they do not have the new UI it will update it.

  • what customisations are you guys doing?