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Registry protection management on the new KAV 1.3 and KAV 1.3 admin password.

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  • Odd, I don't see my original question when I go to the post.   So I'll post it here again:

    I have a client who we upgraded to the new KAV 1.3 today.  After the upgrade he started to get alerts that an application was trying to change a registry entry.  I investigated and saw that it was a legitimate application.  My question is how to I manage this in Kesaya?  Do I just add the application to the trusted apps in the profile?  Will this then cause the pro-active moduel to not flag and registry changes the app tries to do for keys KAV monitors?

    If not, what is the admin password for KAV, so that I can go in and configure it locall y on his machine?

  • The password on the client is the same as the uninstall password...