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KAV1.3 and Global Trusted Apps

  • Just a note to everyone - if you upgrade to the KAV1.3 beta, your profiles will get pushed back down and GlobalTrustedApps (which you may have set in VSAHiddenFiles\Kasperskyprofiles\globaltrustedapps.xml ) will not be written down to the client side.  As far as we can tell so far, KAV1.3 doesn't use the globaltrustedapps.xml file any more.


    Just a heads to to anyone else, may save you a bit of troubleshooting.

  • KAV 1.2 added the Trusted App exclusion option in the profiles though. Its still available in 1.3 right?

  • Yes, it's there, and it's the only way to do the exclusions now.

    I submitted a support ticket, and here's what they told me:


    Thanks for your valuable feedback on this controlled release.  We should have mentioned that with the new version of Kaspersky we're going to only use our profiles as means of settings trusted applications.  However, we agree with your suggestion and will work on an import tool that would allow customers that upgrade to import their global settings into all the profiles they created. "

  • are you noticing a speed decrease on the VSA when using the KAV 1.3?

  • If you installed KAV 1.3 you'll find a useful tool under C:\Kaseya\mvcControllers\KAV\KAVGlobalTrustedAppsIntoProfiles

    This tool allows you to get the trusted apps from the XML (if you used that in prior version) into your profiles


    Inbar Gazit

    Kaseya Security Tools Team