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Issues with KAV 1.2 on terminal servers

  • Anyone else tried KAV 1.2 on terminal servers?

    We're giving it a go and, soon after installing it, we found that the font list in Word disappeared and we get errors in Word relating to insufficient disk space or font issues. We've also lost a load of icons from the Start Menu. Rolling back the VM and *not* installing KAV seems to resolve the issue, though it seems an odd one for KAV to cause. 

    We use a non-kaseya Kaspersky 2010 on terminal services elsewhere and don't have any issues.



  • Interesting..Any one else seeing the  issue on terminal servers?


    Meghana Subramanian

    Kaseya AntiVirus Team

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  • I've yet to find anyone who is using kav 1.2 on TS boxes. I do vaguely recall someone saying that, during the beta, TS boxes weren't supported in 1.2. However in the past, if a roll out wasn't supported, it wouldn't let you install KAV at all. This installs fine.

    After some more tests I'm pretty sure that the missing icons may be down to a rogue GPO but the font issue in Word (which is accompanied by the fonts menu showing only two fonts) appears when you install KAV.

    For now we've put another vendors package on there in order to get the boxes out the door but I would be interested in knowing if other people see the same thing.

  • We are running KAV 1.2 on our 2008 R2 Terminal Server. Its not large server, only for our tech team. Word 2010 seems to work normally, I dont think we are missing any icons and all "techie" software seems to behave normally.

  • Meghana, what does Kaspersky say about install the File Server version to MS Term Server (or Citrix) boxes? Is this OK to do?

  • @ David

    After digging bit deep into Kaspersky support for Terminal Server & Citirx boxes, the corporate version6.0 that we are using in KAV doesnt officially support Terminal Server or Citrix boxes. However, there are many Kaseya customers who runs KAV successfully on Terminal Servers/Citrix boxes.


    Technical support is rendered for KAV on non terminal server/Citrix boxes.


    I have added this as a feature request for KAV . Kaspersky do provide this feature   through their Enterprise edition, but we are right now using the Corporate Server version.


    Hope this helps