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Licensing updates with KAV

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We have a monthly reoccuring fee for our customers that use KAV and this works great considering KAV has a trial period license key installed from what I'm being told by support.

However, I am noticing that some users fall out of the category of auto-extend licenses and need to have their KAV activated again.

What would be the best practice to fix that end user's problem? Simply checking auto-extend and running verify? Or contact Kaseya and have them apply the licenses again?

What is your experience with this situation?

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  • Johnathan,

    I had a discussion with developer  & support regarding this issue and we would like to get more details on this issue. Please file a support ticket to get this resolved and they will let us know more about the underlying problem.


    Meghana Subramanian

    Kaseya AntiVirus Team