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Deploying Kaseya Kaspersy over old non-Kaseya Kaspersky products?

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We got a customer who has a quite old set of Kaspersky Anti-Virus products. Around versions 5.0 and 6.0. How does KAV 1.2 react with these or does it react at all? Should I try to remove these prior KAV installation?

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  • At this point, remove them prior to install.  In the future, we'll include some other stuff to remove those products.  There are two parts of this plan

    1.  There is an installer switch on Kaspersky itself to remove incompatible products (which should also address the old version of Kaspersky)

    2.  We are just getting the timeline to install anotehr product that will help with the old products removal...

  • Those improvements would be most welcome.

    Now  I need to find find scriptable and silent uninstaller for old AV product and most of them require computer restart so I have to hassle schedules with end users. Most of the time it goes nicely with YES/NO query window, but then I have to wait user to press YES (-> old AV gets uninstalled) and after that go to deploy Kaspersky on that computer. And it makes it even worse that if user shuts down his computer, I cannot left KAV installation pending and I have to stalk when user comes online.

    Still its better than driving to customers office and running all computers trough, but it could be easier.

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  • Hey Jeff,

    Any update on the timeline for the product that will do "old product removal..."?

  • Just for kicks: I tried installation of KAV over regular Kaspersky and suprise it failed. Also noticed that Kaspersky is quite well protected against scripted removal attemps. In the end we sent guy onsite to remove old Kasperskies to be replaced by KAV.  

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