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KAV 1.2 is GA today 11.21.11

  • KAV 1.2 is now generally available on the download center.  Please contact your sales rep if you are in need of new server licenses.  I want to thank all of you that participated in reviewing the product and for all the comments posted.  The biggest addition with KAV 1.2 as most of you are aware is the inclusion of File Server protection.  We value your feedback and we are listening to you.  As we heard, the inclusion of the latest version of Kaspersky's corporate workstation is highly sought after and we will be working hard to bring that request to market in the near term. 


    Kaseya Security Product Management

  • Great news, thanks for that Scott.

    I have KAV 1.1 on a dozen machines and it is working well.

    Please Please Please keep the KAV version close to the Kaspersky version.  The main reason my company stayed clear of KES is that is so far behind the current version, which makes it very hard to sell to clients.  And if a customer finds out after they sign up or a year down the track that the version they are paying for as a fully managed service is using old versions, I would imagine they will be very annoyed!

  • Hi,

    I am yet to invest in KAV and am still unfortunatley using KES, I would like to know is KAV 1.2 supported on termainal or rds servers?



  • Can we get a link or do we have to fill out the trial form?

  • Just fill in the trial form.  We're just wanting to track who's downloading.  It will take you straight to the download page.

  • Does this update upgrade the engine of the client at all? I read the upgrade guide it just says that upgrading the client is "not necessary" but it doesnt say what the change is to the client, if any?

    I want to avoid a mass update to the clients and any potential issues.

  • The update to the workstation engine is in progress right now so the note is accurate that you shouldn't have to redeploy

  • Here is an idea for you smart boffins over at Kaseya land. How about an email to your customers letting them know it is released.

    We shouldn't have to go looking for this information. You have everyones email addresses. A quick email to those in your database would be a grand idea.

    Look forward to seeing the proactive communication for future releases. Cheers.

  • aswinn,

    I got an email that it was released.

  • I received nothing, I was even given access to the pre-release controlled testing program, would have thought that would have put me on a contact list.

  • Check your SPAM folders.  If nothing there, then drop me an email as we do release a LOT of different communications