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KAV 1.2 Release?

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  • Does any one know if there is any documentation, downloads, or install files for KAV 1.2?  I have signed up for the webinar on Wednesday but wanted to get familiar with the software before then.

  • KAV 1.2 is generally available today 111.21.11 and is available on the download center.  Please contact your sales rep if you need server licenses.  I want to thank all of you that participated in reviewing the product and for all the comments posted.  The biggest addition with KAV 1.2 as most of you are aware is the inclusion of File Server protection.


    Kaseya Security Product Management

  • Why is it that when I click on KAV in the download center it takes me to a Free Trial page?

  • Its just a form to help us know who's downloading.  It will take you straight to a download page.