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KAV 1.2 Trusted Apps

  • We recently installed KAV 1.2 on our server. One of the main improvements we like is the ability to add Trusted Apps directly from the UI in the portal. However, we have noticed that when adding entries to the Trusted Apps list on the portal, they appear in the Exclusion Rules section on the client side in Kaspersky's options. Here's a screenshot to better illustrate it:

    Is anyone else having this problem?


  • Just to clarify, are you seeing that it goes in to the Exclusion rules AND trusted apps or JUST the exclusion rules section ?

  • Hi Oliver,

    I am only seeing the entry under the Exclusion Rules section. Nothing gets added to Trusted Applications.


  • I'm also having this problem. Also, I don't see any features to control the options for Trusted apps. I'm looking to trust the application, but not the files that it opens.

  • Scott,

    I don't believe they have added the functionality to customize the settings for each Trusted App. I know that there are four exclusion rules that you can check and two of the rules allows you to filter by remote address and port. I agree that it would be nice to be able to "fine tune" these settings for each Trusted App added.

  • I tried to use this feature and did a re-assign profile several times plus a verify install. Doesnt work.

    I setup my global trusted apps again since it doesnt work.

  • I would really like to see this GUI very soon please Kaseya.  My main problem is that KAV blocks Word 2010 and Excel 2010 from saving to PDF!  Simon

  • So in other words, the only visible GUI change made to KAV 1.2 doesn't actually work.

    How does something so blatently obvious and easy to test make it past the dev's, the testers, and the Q&A teams without someone realizing it doesn't work.

    Outside of server support which everyone asked for, Trusted apps was one of the other main requirements people were hacking xml files to implement, and you managed to screw it up.

    Really guys....can there be any more incompetance before someone's head hits the chopping block because I'm sorry, if this were my company the head of the programming and Q&A teams would be looking in from the outside RFN...

  • That's working on my server.

    The hotfixes are up to date on your server?

  • 0 kav updates pending..

  • Mark - do you have time to discuss?   Please advise on the best way to reach you. Thx,  Scott

  • I am thinking I need to open a support ticket. What I am finding is that nothing I add to the trusted apps section is applying to workstations (exclusions or trusted).

    In my kworking folder I have a globaltrustedapps.xml file which only has notepad and regedit listed in it, although inside KAV I see about 20 trusted default apps.

    I've tried re-applying profile, verifying install and no luck getting the machines to pick up the trusted apps component.

    Adding an exclusion is updated on the client faster then I can even get over to the new window and check the KESprofile5exclusions.xml file in the KAV directory but even though the exclusion is listed there, its not listed in the KAV application so something must be screwy somewhere

    Looking at the globaltrustedapps.xml on the server it also only shows the notepad and regedit, so I assume thats part of the problem...whatever the GUI is doing isn't actualyl updating that globaltrustedapps.xml.

    Of course, that might also not be used anymore and I am humping the wrong leg....

  • We are having the same problem with the trusted apps going into the exclusions.  

  • At this point, just log a ticket so we can get to the bottom of it



  • I received an update to my issue which was that nothing was actually getting applied to any of the clients..exclusions or otherwise.  They have identified the issue and are working on a fix.  Don't have any other details other then that.