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KAV/KAM crushing XP machines??

  • Hello all,

    Having an issue here and wondering if anyone else has noticed it.  Basically, whenever we install the KAM/KAV bundle we've noticed severe performance issues on Windows XP machines (Win 7 machines are fine).  Anyone else coming across this?  We've basically stripped down the profiles to where none of the services run continuously and only do scheduled scan and updates which kind of defeats the purpose of selling it.  Every time we install we get calls the next day about how slow Win XP machines are running.  Anybody seeing this?




  • Are the Win7 machines the same "strength" as the XP machines?  The only issues I've seen with KAV/KAM and performance were because the machine they were running on were kinda crappy to begin with.

  • Hi Dan,

    I can say that the XP machines for the most part do not resemble the Win 7 machines as far as specs are concerned.  The few with the "most impressive" spec sheets we installed just last year and have 3GB of RAM in it and Core 2 Duo's.  I would assume that would be enough to handle these two applications.  What's your take?  4GB minimum?

  • 4GB is minimum if you ask me.  With the price of memory now, it doesn't make sense not to have at least 4GB.  We have a set of minimum specs for new PCs that enter our management, and we'll work with the client to get those PCs up to spec before we can support them.  Even with the minimums, a KAV+KAM combo can be taxing sometimes.

    The biggest improvement in KAV you can make is to exclude client apps from scanning.  We've had to do this for a few apps (*cough* sage, pclaw, etc).  You should ascertain if the entire PC is slowing down, or just a certain app.

  • You can pretty much count on any machine that came stock with XP is old enought that it doesn't have the power to run both KAV and KAM.   KAV by itself puts plenty of load on a machine.

  • KAM - We generally do not have protection mode on, and mainly use KAM as a tool to regularly scan the systems. Some clients want protection mode on, but we always make sure IP blocking is turned off as it often interfers with KAV.

    KAV - I would say in general I agree, the Windows XP machines never behave as good as Windows 7. In the instance where we have some machines are even the same spec etc. ie 4GB RAM etc.  As a general practise we have a profile for Windows XP where we only have A/V and Web enabled. Thus Proactive detection, IM protection etc etc is all turned off. If you see a PC that has low performance as soon as you assign this profile you will see that PC performance be significantly improved.